Sr.No Title Date Download
1 Announcement of IsDB Scholarship Programmes for the Academic Year 2021-2022. Closing Date: 28th February, 2021. February 28, 2021
2 E-Learning Course on Urban Development Towards a Smart Nation Vision from 22nd to 31 March, 2021 under the Japan Singapore Partnership for the 21st Century (JSPP21). Closing Date: 8th February, 2021. February 08, 2021
3 E-Learning Course on Management of Waste and Reduction of Marine Litter to be Conducted from 1st to 5th March, 2021 under the Japan Singapore Partnership for the 21st Century (JSPP21). Closing Date: 5th February, 2021. February 05, 2021
4 Training Course on Vegetable Production Technology for Livelihood Improvement of Small Scale Farmers (Online). Closing Date: 1st February, 2021. February 01, 2021
5 E-Learning Course on Public Services 4.0: Smart Nation Citizen Services to be held from 8 to 12 March 2021 Under Singapore Cooperation Programme Training Award (SCPTA). Closing Date: 25th January, 2021. January 25, 2021
6 Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Leaders Capacity Development for the Sendai Framework Implementation (FY 2021) to be held from October, 2021 to September 2023 (Master Degree - 2 Years) and October, 2021 to September 2024 (Doctor Degree - 3 Years). Closing Date: 15th October, 2020 for Master's Degree and 22nd January, 2021 for Doctoral Program. January 22, 2021
7 E-Learning Course on A Pandemic Reality Check-Preparing Schools for the New Normal Learning Environment to be Conducted from 17-19 February, 2021 under the Singapore Cooperation Programme Training Award (SCPTA). Closing Date:  22nd January, 2021. January 22, 2021
8 Announcement of Recruitment for the Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) in Pakistan. Closing Date: 18th January, 2021. January 18, 2021
9 E-Learning Course on Maritime Safety Management to be held from 01st to 05th February, 2021. Closing Date: 15th January, 2021. January 15, 2021
10 E-Learning Course on Empowering Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs to be held from 22nd to 26th February, 2021. Closing Date: 11th January, 2021. January 11, 2021
11 Training Course on Rural Development Through Creating Agricultural Value Chain (Value Addition To Livestock Products) to be held from March 01, 2021 to March 04, 2021 (Online). Closing Date: 4th January, 2021. January 04, 2021
12 Training Course on Industrial Development and Promotion Utilizing Local Resources (A) to be held from February 15, 2021 to February 26, 2021 (Online) and August to September, 2021 in Japan (Tentative). January 04, 2021
13 Cancellation of All Training Courses Under the Malaysia Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) Scheduled for the Year 2020. December 31, 2020
14 Training Course on Capacity Development for Investment Promotion (A) to be held from February 01-19, 2020 (Online). Closing Date: 23rd December, 2020. December 23, 2020